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Setting up a Meeting Room - Ideas, Inspiration & Check Lists

Whether you’re setting up a meeting room for the first time or you’re ready to take your meeting room to the next level, we wanted to share a few of our essential meeting room products and must haves. Plus new and inspirational ideas to create a space for those ahh-haa moments! We’ve included lots of handy links so you can click on our product list and browse our meeting room essentials! 

First, let's start with a few meeting tips, so your precious time is productive, collaborative and everybody stay's on track!

  • Decide if you really need the meeting

  • Create a plan and structure to your meeting

  • Establish your objectives and the key outcomes you want to achieve 

  • Publish and distribute the agenda points to your audience a couple of days before the meeting

  • Set Up and arrange the meeting room so everybody is comfortable 

  • Check all of the equipment and technology is working and ready to go

  • Start on time, keep on track, sum up and finish on time

  • Encourage creativity!

  • Expect the unexpected - Allow some time for general chit chat

  • Publish and distribute summary and outcomes after the meeting

Office Supplies to have on hand

Meeting Room Furniture

Presentation Products to Write On

Meeting Room Technology and Equipment

Power , Data, and USB Charge Hubs Built In Power Box Correct cables and cords for visual, sound, power and data  Big screen Monitor Projector, Projector Screen Video & Phone conferencing Technology

Keep them fresh

Water Bottles Glasses Mints, Lollies or Chocolate Coffee Machine Ceramic Cups Glasses Coasters Napkins Bowl of Stress Balls (stop those fidgety pen clickers!)


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